We are a social innovation community at University of Michigan.
By students, for students, supported by @umichlsa and our community of mentors.
We help turn ideas into impact and seed fund $100,000 to student teams every summer.

Are you a


Change is driven by people like you. So ask yourself, “Why not me?” We’re here to help you bring your ideas to life. Our community fuses principles of entrepreneurship, social justice, education, innovation, and sustainability. We’d love to chat and help you take the first steps.

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mentors teaching to students

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becoming a mentor?

Our mentors, leaders in business, nonprofits and education, invest their time to support student to take on our world’s pressing challenges. Mentors range in age from 22 to 75, and hold a wide variety of positions. Regardless of your age or job, we’d love to hear from you.

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